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Valentines Day!

Copper Penny Valentines Day

Are you looking for a different present for valentines day?

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What about llamas or alpacas?

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New Llama and Alpaca Calendar 2017

Our NEW Llama and Alpaca Calendar for 2017 is out now!


dsc_4073 This year we have created a new style metal spiral bound calendar.

The front cover image is Poppy, one of our cria’s (baby llama) born July this year!

The calendar includes images from: Ike, Socks, Bertie, Woody, Gus, Paddy, Jack, Chester, Noodle, Little Ant and Dec, Gary, and Armani!

The PERFECT gift for any llama or alpaca lover!

ONLY £6.99 + P&P

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Baby llama update – September 2016!

Our baby llamas are growing up so fast! Poppy is already almost 12 weeks old, and Little Gem is 9 weeks old! 

















Little Gem is proving to be a mummy’s girl, which first time mum Floss is loving. The two of them are often found cuddling up together!



Poppy is a cheeky little girl, who has decided she is having two mums. Lucy is her actual mum, but Poppy will help herself to the milk bar with Rosebud as well. So she is growing big and strong rather fast!


Gemma (Little Gem) has a very inquisitive nature and likes to investigate everything going on in the field, but she likes to have Poppy with her for the confidence boost. Poppy is quite often confidently leading the way for Gemma.


They are both very playful little souls who enjoy nothing more than a good run around, as well as a trip to the milk bar and cuddle up with mum!



And sometimes we catch them with a rather mischievous look about them!


But its usually Poppy who has been the leader, with Gemma just following suit!

Adventures with Llamas by Billie Jones

Billie Jones said “I came on your llama trek last week and had a fantastic time I just wanted to share this video I made of my day with you! And happy birthday to Noodle!”

Thank you for sharing this with us and we’re glad you enjoyed your trek!

Chester, Noodle & Oscar do a bit of fashion modelling….

Quite a while ago now, we were asked to supply some llamas for a peruvian themed fashion shoot. All of our boys are gorgeous, but we knew just the llamas for the job…who better to use than Oscar, Chester and Noodle?! They all love the camera!

We teamed up with Craft Cloth to promote their new peruvian clothing line, which featured in Manchester Fashion Magazine!

The Naughtiest Llama!

We thought we would post a little update on the infamous Freddie. If you have already met Freddie at our farm then you will know what he is like, but for everyone who hasn’t….Freddie is a VERY naughty llama, and has caused some trouble in his time at Kiln Farm. He likes to do thing like jump over walls and escape from his field, or get a bit big for his boots and try take his humans for a walk on a route of his choice. Don’t get us wrong, he isn’t dangerous or nasty….he is just extremely cheeky and loves to run rings around us! He does go out on treks but he definitely isn’t the right llama for people who are nervous.

Well the good news is he is being a lot better behaved, although he still has a long way to go until he loses his ‘naughty boy’ title. We have recently put a pack on him and he took it rather well. We hope that the responsibility of carrying a pack will give him something to focus on, and he will start taking his job seriously. He has also been on a few more treks with customers and been a good boy! He definitely takes a bit of bossing, but after a few firm words he generally gets the message. We think he will always be a cheeky chap, that’s just Freddie. But if he continues to progress in the way that he has, it wont be long before he is being used regularly for treks!


Our Alpaca Boys – Gary, Ant & Dec!

We have some new arrivals here at Kiln Farm! Gary, Ant and Dec are our new alpacas, who we intend to train to trek. Gary is 2 years old and is extremely beautiful. He is a friendly boy, and is currently doing lots of meeting and greeting to boost his confidence! Ant and Dec are just shy of their 1st birthday, and are so cuddly and inquisitive. They are so small we can pick them up!

Ant and Dec will hopefully be accompanying us to a few shows this year, they are quite confident, easy-going chaps. We are so happy to have them. Here are some pictures…

DSC_3857 - Copy DSC_3878 - Copy DSC_8098 DSC_8106 dec and beth DSC_3894

Wedding at Leeds Town Hall!

Harry & Chester were yet again the center of attention, but this time right in the middle of Leeds City centre on a very busy Saturday afternoon! We were hired to attend a wedding as a complete surprise for the ‘llama obsessed’ bride. After locating a suitable parking space for a llama taxi, (well Harry was up for catching the no.36 bus to Leeds, but we had to decline as Chester didn’t approve)! folk crowded us, not believing there were actual llamas in the van! Once Harry & Chester exited their taxi on to the streets, folk rushed in to pose next to them for photos, llamas in the centre of Leeds! Harry & Chester dressed up for the occasion, with bow tie and veil, they looked amazing. They strolled around to the Town Hall, as if it was just another day at the office. People were so excited to see them, the public photographing them at every opportunity. The bride and groom appeared from the Town Hall and the bride was swept off her feet by the sight of Harry & Chester specially dressed for her big day! The photographs commenced with the wedding party and both llamas behaved brilliantly. Well done Harry & Chester! Pictures to follow so watch this space!

Harry takes a trip on the bus!

Harry getting off the bus

This Summer has been full of social events for our cheif llama ‘Harry’. In July he was invited to the Harrogate International Centre where he was then invited to inspect the No.36 Bus! They asked Harry if he would like to have a look inside the door, but no not Harry, he wanted to climb on board and inspect it properly! He even wanted to go upstairs to the top deck, but Suzanne told him no, she didn’t want to have to call the fire brigade out to remove the top off the bus if Harry had refused to come back down the stairs! Harry caused quite a stir in Harrogate that day, for more pictures of Harry on the bus, check out our gallery page.

Llama Drama Crazy Video!

Llama Drama Crazy

Our llamas really can sing! ‘As if’ I hear you say! Llamas communicate through humming to one another and will also talk to us humans through vocals. They all have different tones for different moods. Over the years we have had llamas, Suzanne has spent time trying to interpret what their tones mean and can honestly say she can knows each of the llamas tones and can hold a conversation with some of them, especially Harry! When our llamas are indoors together they sometimes break into song, it is a fantastic sound! So we thought why not create a song for people to appreciate our llamas voices! So with the expertise of ‘Ade Payne’ an acoustic singer song writer from a local village, we recorded some of our llamas ‘hummms’ when in a happy mode! Ade then cleverly wrote some music with a Peruvian touch (of course) and blended the llamas tones into it, harmonising them so the end result is a quirky catchy tune!

The tune named ‘Llama Drama’ , being so catchy reached the radio in December 2012 and was played on various radio channels, but it was lacking something – a video!

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Leaping Llamas!

Yvonne.disc.4 006

This weekend’s customers received a little more entertainment than usual on the Farm. As we prepared a large trekking group to go out on Sunday, Bertie (our most intelligent llama)! whom had been in the field all day with some other llama buddies, decided as he hadn’t been selected to trek that day, he would have some fun. We were just setting off on our trek, when Bertie jumped clean over one of the stone walls and proceeded to run and leap around the ponies who were all being very well behaved in their paddocks.

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Our Stud Male ‘Echo’ is in Detention!


Our Stud Male ‘Echo’ is in detention!! With the lady llamas being quite frisky in the Summer evenings, our Echo seems to be determined to find a way to get closer to them. The other afternoon he couldn’t retain himself and decided to try and jump out of his field, knocking down a 6’ stone wall in the process! ‘Loose llama on the loose!’ – He didn’t go far – yes you guessed it, straight to the ladies paddock. The only trouble is the ladies don’t want to know him and spit him off!

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