Meet the Alpacas

A little introduction to our alpaca team.

Alpaca’s have the really cute and cheeky factor. Alpacas are not trekking animals but they do love going for short walks with the llamas. We sometimes include alpacas on the walks during the experiences or on the Scenic Farm Trek, so you can engage in some alpaca walking if that’s your desire!

You still have to book one of our experience options or the Scenic Farm Trek to walk with an alpaca, we cannot guarantee availability of a particular one, but you will fall for whichever alpaca you walk with, like the llamas you are matched to the right personality!


Basil Face
The Attention Seeker!
The Menace!
The Alpaca Poser!
The ‘Cheeky One’
The ‘Mischievous One’
Monty landscape
The Nutty One!
Little Devil
The Crazy One!
Simon (2)
The Little Smiler!