Llama Therapy

Amazing benefits for children and adults who have emotional and learning difficulties, also for adults or the elderly suffering from Dementia.

Llamas are just fantastic creatures at putting people at ease. They are so loving , friendly and of course non-judgemental, they are very straightforward and don’t care how someone looks or what or how they do things.

Llamas can be very entertaining, are amusing watching their antics and laughter can be a great release for those who are generally overwhelmed by their difficult lives.

The importance of touch is necessary for our emotional and physical well-being. For children and adults who have been ill-treated or abused a touch from another human can be a very difficult concept to accept, but the touch of a warm fleecy animal is non-threatening and offers pleasure to that individual. Although llamas are large creatures, they offer a feeling of loyalty and peace which takes away their size.

One of the most common factors for children and adults suffering from various difficulties is low self-esteem, focusing very much on themselves and their problems. Animals can help to re-focus them on their environment and they then talk about the animals themselves, watching their behaviour and funny ways encouraging the individual to think about other things and not themselves. This in itself can be very therapeutic and instigates a feeling of trust in the animal and love for that individual from the animal, something which that child or adult finds hard to accept from a human being.

We can arrange for special ‘therapy’ sessions for people of all ages although children must be 7yrs old and above. We can cater for wheelchairs in small groups and have disabled facilities on site. The special sessions can also include our Pet Village residents, giving opportunity to hold small animals and reptiles, gaining more benefit from the visit.

We can cater for hot and cold drinks and snacks, even arrange a picnic lunch if you so wish. Equally we are happy for you to bring your own picnic with you to have on the farm.

Prices vary and it depends entirely on group sizes, and content of the session. We do charge a small fee for carers, however we find the carers themselves always become involved with the animals as much as their caree and love the whole experience!

Our llamas can even come to you!

Yes, we can arrange for the llamas to come to you! This is often a popular choice for groups where there are extremely high care needs or more than 5 wheelchair users. We provide everything for the llamas, you just need to allocate an appropriate outdoor area for our pen and we do the rest. Our llamas love to travel and we have a fully equipped vehicle which our llamas simply sit down in and enjoy the ride. We can bring the llamas indoors too, we just require a large room or hall with an external exit which is easily accessible.

Please contact us for further information. 01423 711052 e-mail info@nidderdalellamas.org

To book with us, we recommend you contact us in advance with your specific dates. We require a 50% deposit to secure any booking. Once a reservation is made, you will receive full confirmation with the details of your event and directions if appropriate on how to find us. For party and group deposits, we can be flexible and suggest that you pay a deposit on the minimum number of expected people, and then agree final numbers nearer to the time of your booking.