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As seen on Channel 5 ‘The Yorkshire Vet’ featuring Julian Norton treating a few of our llamas.

If you are looking for some fun, want to relax and enjoy a high-quality experience try Llama trekking or Alpaca walking in the UK. As Yorkshire is the perfect place, why not join us on one of our llama and alpaca experiences or treks with our wonderful team.

We are proud to be one of the top attractions in Harrogate and the whole of Yorkshire on Trip Advisor – Check out what are customers reviews.

We offer Llama trekking and Alpaca walking all year round in the picturesque Yorkshire Dales.

Nidderdale Llamas offers a truly unique and personal experience for all abilities and age groups, although children must be at least 7 years old to engage in our family experience and 10yrs and above to trek. Our llamas and alpacas are gentle, friendly and great fun to be with. Whilst you cannot ride a llama or alpaca, they make amazing walking companions.

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It is essential that you make a booking with us before you visit the Farm. This is because the Farm is not open to the public.

To save any dissapointment, please ensure that you call us on 01423 711052 to make a booking.

Have you decided on which llama or alpaca trek or experience is right for you? If not, visit our Book a Trek page for information on all of our trekking packages.

Are you organising a Hen Party or a Wedding? Our Hen Party and Wedding Party packages are perfect for creating a unique and memorable experience.

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The Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) (England) Regulations 2018 – LICENCE TO KEEP OR TRAIN ANIMALS FOR EXHIBITION

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Foggy llamas on the hill! Photo featuring Billie, Steve, Mike, Magic, Neville and Barney. Oh and Roger in the background! www.nidderdalellamas.org ... See MoreSee Less
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This is how the battle for king of the castle goes!Despite Kenny being the stud male, he still doesn’t get to automatically be the king of the hill, as seen here when Neville and Magic say no 🦙🦙🦙Love a llama hill time session! www.nidderdalellamas.org ... See MoreSee Less
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Live video around the llamas and alpacas ... See MoreSee Less
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Facebook Live Video tomorrow (Saturday) at 12 again 🦙Who’s going to join Jess and have a tour round the llamas and alpacas? It’s supposed to be a dry and little bit sunny day! Photo of (left to right) Ned, Tony and Theo on the hill. They absolutely love this new hill, get to have a good nosey at what’s going on 🦙🦙🦙Enjoy these few weeks of live videos, when we open on the 12th April, we won’t have the time for regular live videos unfortunately, so enjoy them whilst they last 🦙🦙⭐️ Although we do have something new up our sleeves which will be revealed soon ⭐️www.nidderdalellamas.org ... See MoreSee Less
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Ike just chilling and chewing the cud 🦙•••••••••••••••••••❔Did you know llamas and alpacas are known as pseudo ruminants? ❔That means they are similar to cattle and sheep, but they only have 3 chambers to their stomach instead of 4. 🦙When a llama or alpaca initially eats their food, it goes into the first chamber of their stomach, which is the biggest part at about 83% of their stomach. 🌿• In this chamber their food ferments and mixes with good bacteria to convert their food into digestible nutrients. • After around 72 hours, the food then moves onto the second chamber, where the nutrients get absorbed into the body. 🦙• Then the next process is to bring the food back up and chew it again - known as chewing the cud, like Ike is demonstrating nicely here. • They chew in a figure of 8, chewing around 55-75 times, then swallow the food back down and it moves into the 3rd chamber of their stomach. They chew the good for around 8 hours a day. What a complicated but efficient way to get nutrients from a primarily grass and hay diet! www.nidderdalellamas.org ... See MoreSee Less
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