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As seen on Channel 5 ‘The Yorkshire Vet’ featuring Julian Norton treating a few of our llamas.

If you are looking for some fun, want to relax and enjoy a high-quality experience try Llama trekking or Alpaca walking in the UK. As Yorkshire is the perfect place, why not join us on one of our llama and alpaca experiences or treks with our wonderful team.

We are proud to be one of the top attractions in Harrogate and the whole of Yorkshire on Trip Advisor – Check out what are customers reviews.

We offer Llama trekking and Alpaca walking all year round in the picturesque Yorkshire Dales.

Nidderdale Llamas offers a truly unique and personal experience for all abilities and age groups, although children must be at least 7 years old to engage in our family experience and 10yrs and above to trek. Our llamas and alpacas are gentle, friendly and great fun to be with. Whilst you cannot ride a llama or alpaca, they make amazing walking companions.

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It is essential that you make a booking with us before you visit the Farm. This is because the Farm is not open to the public.

To save any dissapointment, please ensure that you call us on 01423 711052 to make a booking.

Have you decided on which llama or alpaca trek or experience is right for you? If not, visit our Book a Trek page for information on all of our trekking packages.

Are you organising a Hen Party or a Wedding? Our Hen Party and Wedding Party packages are perfect for creating a unique and memorable experience.

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Nidderdale Llamas have high standards of welfare, which are considered a priority above any other element. We are proud to display our current Welfare Licence No LN/199317810, awarded to Suzanne Benson (owner) by  Harrogate Borough Council, under The Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) (England) Regulations 2018


The Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) (England) Regulations 2018 – LICENCE TO KEEP OR TRAIN ANIMALS FOR EXHIBITION

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Hill time play time for some of the boys!Neville, Ozzy, Carlos and Karl (top to bottom)🦙P.S. how lucky are they to have that view to look at everyday?! ... See MoreSee Less
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A message from Carlos and Suzanne. The cost of living crisis is proving challenging for many, and although animals are completely unaware of the human struggles, it is starting to have impacts on them too. Any animal organisation will be feeling the pinch with the increase in many costs and the decline in people’s available funds, so we are just asking everyone to consider thinking about animal organisation at this time, as we know first hand the difficulties we are currently facing.We have set up a just giving page, but we also offer adoption packages too. Or maybe book a trek or experience and come meet some of our brilliant animals - they’re missing seeing lots of people too! Thank you for listening and reading 🦙www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/nidderdale-llamas ... See MoreSee Less
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Woody says good morning! ☀️🦙We do have some last minute availability for the Scenic Farm Trek this afternoon.01423 711052 to book 🦙www.nidderdalellamas.org ... See MoreSee Less
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Nidderdale Llamas and Alpacas
Billie always looks so smiley!www.nidderdalellamas.org ... See MoreSee Less
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It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of Bertie. We always predicted that when his time came he would go suddenly (just because that is so Bertie’s style) and we weren’t wrong. We noticed one afternoon that he was a bit off his food and not quite himself, after examining him the only thing we could find “wrong” was a low temperature, which was strange because he lived indoors overnight and it was actually quite mild weather. We consulted with the vet, wrapped him up in blankets and threw everything we could at him in terms of treatment. It’s tricky when you don’t know what you’re treating, and he really wasn’t letting on what was wrong, so we covered all bases and crossed our fingers! Despite our best efforts, within 24 hours we’d lost him. He didn’t seem unhappy or in pain, in fact he seemed quite peaceful. He sat snuggled in his blankets, with his ears pricked forward, letting us lavish him with attention (which is actually very unlike Bertie and how we knew something was seriously wrong!) - almost like he knew what was coming and had quietly accepted it. Bertie has had quite the life! He’s well travelled and spent time in Aberdeen and Northampton amongst other places before coming to Nidderdale with his brother, DAssett, in 2009. DAssett was quite a confident, headstrong chap who was like a steam train out trekking - always fast and leading the way! Bertie has always been a more sensitive, reserved character and seemed to live his life in DAssett’s shadow, always in second position trying to keep up with him out on treks. We lost DAssett in 2016 and we really worried how Bertie would cope, but he surprised us and adapted well.Bertie was quick - mentally and physically! He was the smartest llama we have ever met but also incredibly nimble and used his intelligence to outwit us! Even at the grand old age of 18 he still ran rings around us, often literally! Out trekking he knew what he liked and that was a single, female handler walking with him in second position. He didn’t do men, didn’t do sharing, didn’t do leading and would certainly not be at the back of the trek! He was a sensitive soul and needed someone who would take the time to get to know him and build his trust…then once you had his trust his cheeky side came out! In recent years Bertie was semi retired, for no reason other than we felt a man of his age shouldn’t be doing long treks! Bertie probably disagreed with us, he was like a spring chicken and really enjoyed going out. He also took on the role of babysitter in his final years, looking after our young males once they’d been weaned from mum. Don’t get us wrong, Bertie wasn’t overly enamoured with the youngsters (the exception being Rowan, who he had a very sweet friendship with) but he kept them straight, taught them some manners and benefitted from being in a herd that came in at night and had daily hard feeds. He did have his own bit of fun as chief babysitter…his favourite past time was leading them astray! Being very intelligent, he knew our routines and absolutely knew what we were asking of him at any time. Sometimes he cooperated and showed the youngsters the way, but other times he was an awkward so-and-so and purposefully took them in the opposite direction! I’d love to know how many extra miles we have all run thanks to Bertie! He was certainly a character.It is always hard for us to say goodbye to any llama or alpaca that we have here on the farm, but Bertie has given us 13.5 years of happy memories, and he has left a massive hole in our lives, hearts, and family. Rest in peace Bertie ❤️ ... See MoreSee Less
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