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Accessibility and Equal Opportunities

We aim to be inclusive to everybody (over 7yrs old).

Our llamas and alpacas are extremely therapeutic to be around, with their quirky personalities, humours, looks and fluffy feel to their fleeces, they offer everyone the chance to experience therapy of a different kind. We provide experiences for adults and older children (must be over 7yrs), for all abilities and disabilities and aim to be inclusive to all.

We cater for people with physical and mental vulnerabilities, the older generation and for anyone experiencing health problems. For people who may struggle with walking and/or require a wheelchair, you can still attend our experiences in the barn (out of the rain)! meeting and greeting the llamas and alpacas.  We have a selection of llamas and alpacas also happy to stroll alongside a wheelchair for a short distance too, so if you are a wheelchair user you are not restricted from enjoying a stroll out with the animals on the farm. There is also the opportunity to see many more of our herd from the viewing area, where you can sit and take in the amazing views and scenery, whilst watching some of our herd interacting or simply grazing in the fields.

Our farm however is located on a hillside, therefore we do have slopes from the car park area to the llama barn. They are accessible for wheelchairs and rollators, provided the person using the appliance has supervision, as the slope also has curves to reach the flat level. The terrain is rough tarmac, therefore can be a little bumpy, which we much prefer to make everyone aware of! For those who wish to engage in some walking, we can include this within an experience too, from a gentle stroll to perhaps a short more adventurous walk.

The trek options are all at a slow steady pace, unfortunately, none are wheelchair accessible due to the nature of the varied terrain.  Our Scenic trek option is the easier of the treks, the route takes us downhill and then back up a gentle slope to the farm.  You do not need to be super fit, but able to walk the 1. 5-mile distance and uphill for some of the route. The Half Day Trek and Full Day Treks are much more strenuous as we trek down the valley and back up to the farm again, so they do require a level of physical ability, especially the full-day trek.

To book, we have an online enquiry system, that is viewed by an actual human, not a machine! You can pop through an enquiry form on your chosen option to check our availability. These forms invite you to explain any specific needs in terms of vulnerability, health and accessibility so we can help you plan and book the experience suitable for you.  If you are unsure, then please make contact by phone or email through the ‘contact us page’. We can happily discuss your requirements and accessibility needs with you, guide you through the booking process and plan any necessary arrangements for the most suitable way for you to access the llamas and alpacas.  All done by a real human!

We also have funded sessions on offer for children and adults with various vulnerabilities, these can be one-to-one sessions or groups. These are not listed on the website so please make contact with us directly to discuss these.

Our Featured Products...

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