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Adopt an Alpaca by Post

Our adoption packages…

Looking for a special gift for you or a loved one? Why not adopt one of our gorgeous Alpacas? Every adoption package runs for a full 12 months, for a one-off payment on the purchase. We process and dispatch all adoption packages within 48 hours of ordering. Please note we can process adoptions to start from any date within a 2-month period from the order date.

Adoption packages include up to all of the following…
Personal Adoption Certificate
Personal Adoption Certificate
Photograph of your Adopted Llama
Photograph of your Adopted Alpaca
Information about your Adopted Llama
Information about your Adopted Alpaca
A Photo Keyring of your Adopted Llama
A Photo Keyring of your Adopted Alpaca
Up to £10 voucher towards Treks & Experiences
Up to 50% off Treks & Experiences
Pure Llama Fibre Bookmark
Pure Alpaca Fibre Bookmark
Llama Soft Toy
Alpaca Soft Toy

Single Adoption


Joint Adoption


Single Adoption


Joint Adoption


Single Adoption


Joint Adoption


A few little things to know before choosing to which llama or alpaca to adopt…

Can the adoptee visit their llama or alpaca?

Adoptees do have the opportunity to meet their adopted llama or alpaca, however, we like to make it clear, that for welfare purposes, adoptees must ‘book’ onto one of our experience or trek options to be able to meet their adopted animal. We are not a petting farm where you can just visit, we only operate as an alpaca and llama activity centre. Adoptees can book onto one of our options explained in the leaflet that accompanies their adoption pack and then meet their adopted llama or alpaca when enjoying an experience or trek. This then allows the adoptee to learn more about their adopted animal and become familiar with llamas and alpacas in general, before having photos with their adopted one! 

I know the adoptee would love to meet their llama or alpaca, how should I decide which one to choose?

All our llamas and alpacas are friendly characters and great with people, however, they are sensitive creatures, and each have their own personality with their own likes and dislikes, just like humans! For this reason, we do llama and alpaca ‘speed dating’ and match everyone to the correct animal to ensure both humans and llama are compatible before any walk or trek goes out. We cannot guarantee an adoptee can walk out with their adopted animal or necessarily trek with them. Some of our llamas and alpacas only do the short experiences, and some llamas the longer treks, if you want to know more about the role of a particular llama or alpaca before you adopt, or if you would like us to help you ’match’ the adoptee (with a little help from you about their personality etc)! then please contact us as we can advise you on which animal they may be more compatible with.

Adoption of our Female Llamas….

Please be mindful when adopting a female, especially if you think the adoptee will want to book a trek, that females also have other duties such as growing babies and bringing up babies!  Therefore some females are often not available for trekking due to being on Maternity leave. It is generally possible for adoptees to be able to meet a female if on maternity leave when they book onto an experience or trek, but we have to put the welfare of mum and baby as a priority so the health & wellbeing of that llama and it’s cria will determine this factor on the day of the booking.

Adopting for a child…..

There is no age restriction for a child to adopt, however, we do have age restrictions on ALL our experiences and treks, therefore children must be over 7yrs to be able to have an opportunity to meet their adopted llama or alpaca. If you think the child will want to meet their adopted animal, then please check the age limits of our options, before going ahead with your purchase. You can do this via our ‘Book A Trek’ page.  Children can only book on with at least one accompanying adult.  Please note, no babies or children under 7 years old are permitted on our farm under any circumstances, we are sorry for any inconvenience here, but this is purely for health & safety reasons.  

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