Our baby llamas are growing up so fast! Poppy is already almost 12 weeks old, and Little Gem is 9 weeks old! 

















Little Gem is proving to be a mummy’s girl, which first time mum Floss is loving. The two of them are often found cuddling up together!



Poppy is a cheeky little girl, who has decided she is having two mums. Lucy is her actual mum, but Poppy will help herself to the milk bar with Rosebud as well. So she is growing big and strong rather fast!


Gemma (Little Gem) has a very inquisitive nature and likes to investigate everything going on in the field, but she likes to have Poppy with her for the confidence boost. Poppy is quite often confidently leading the way for Gemma.


They are both very playful little souls who enjoy nothing more than a good run around, as well as a trip to the milk bar and cuddle up with mum!



And sometimes we catch them with a rather mischievous look about them!


But its usually Poppy who has been the leader, with Gemma just following suit!