Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Operational and Cancellation Policy

‘A blog from all the fluffs in Nidderdale’
17th March 2020 (to be revised at our discretion)

In these uncertain difficult times, we offer our best wishes to all our human friends and hope you can all remain safe and healthy. We hope we ‘the llamas and alpacas’ of Nidderdale can offer you some reassurance within this ‘fluffy blog’.

It is of course recommended that spending time in the countryside in the glorious fresh air is a great benefit for human health. Quality time with fluffy calming creatures in an amazing location can offer you some therapeutic peace and quiet away from it all, not to mention the added bonus of gentle exercise too, so it’s all good for humans!

Here in Nidderdale we are still operational, with all treks and experiences continuing to go ahead as planned unless our humans are otherwise directed by Government Policy. Our human team are constantly monitoring public health advice and are committed to do what is required to minimise exposure and risk to all our clients, colleagues, suppliers and our dedicated team itself. We have put certain measures in place on the farm in respect of this.

For any human seeking advice regards the virus, symptoms and other information, you can do so via the NHS site use.


The T & C’s regarding bookings and deposits will remain the same, however re have revised our cancellation policy in respect of this Coronavirus Crisis. (see below).

We would prefer balances to be settled by card as opposed to cash where possible to minimise the risk of cross contamination. Our card machines are regularly treated with sanitizer.

Voucher bookings will continue as normal, once a booking is confirmed by us by email, 50% of the total voucher value is deemed as a non-refundable deposit. However our cancellations policy has been revised in respect of Coronavirus, please see below).

Cancellations (in line with this policy only)

Our team cannot refund deposits, however;

Should you be affected by having to self-isolate /quarantine, showing symptoms (however mild) OR cannot access our location due to enforced access restrictions, (therefore cannot travel), then please get in touch ASAP.

Providing you have made contact and spoken to our human team either by phone or e-mail, we can provide you with a credit note to cover your deposit. This will enable you to re-book your trek or experience at a future date. If you do not make contact with our team and do not attend your booked appointment, no credit note can be issued, therefore your deposit will be lost or 50% of the value of your voucher/s.

Voucher Bookings (in line with this policy only)

Providing you have made contact with our human team BEFORE your voucher expiry date, dependant on when your voucher expires, we may be able to offer you a replacement voucher which will extend the time period for which you can book. As per our T & C’s it is the responsibility of the voucher holder to make contact with our human team, Nidderdale Llamas cannot offer replacement vouchers if no contact is made prior to the expiry date of the voucher. It is at the sole discretion of Nidderdale Llamas to offer replacement vouchers for an extended period of time.

We ask that all humans act responsibly in relation to the virus and consider other human herds. If you have been asked to self-isolate from your place of work etc, yet don’t have any symptoms, we would rather you contact us to cancel, as opposed to attend your booking. We acknowledge there will be disappointment, in delaying your fluff time, however we would rather everyone kept safe and well and you will have something to look forward to at a future date once these concerning times are over.

Please acknowledge that us fluffs still must be cared for with ongoing expenditure towards our welfare. The specialist human team who care for us also need to be protected, otherwise we might not have anybody to look after us! We therefore ask for your understanding and co-operation during this un-settling period.

We wish all our human clients, colleagues and suppliers well and hope everyone remains healthy during these un-certain times. We hope you don’t have too much cause for allarmma drama during this period, please stay safe.

Thank you for your understanding in advance.
From all the llamas and alpacas at Nidderdale
(blog passed by Suzanne Benson and her human team).