Gift Vouchers by Email

About our Gift Vouchers…

Our e-vouchers are designed for those last minute presents or perhaps belated ones!

Once you purchase an e-voucher, the voucher will be sent to the email address of your choice, on your chosen start date, where it can be downloaded along with our T&C’s. Please note you can only request a start date within a 2 month period from the date you place the order.

The e-voucher will only be sent to the recipient at 12am on the date it is to start from. If you prefer to receive the voucher prior to the start date, ie to prepare as a gift, then we recommend you purchase a Postal Voucher.

About our gift vouchers…

State your desired start date (maximum of 2 months from order date), and vouchers are valid for a full 24 months  (for vouchers purchased after 26th March 2020) from required start date.

We operate all year round, giving the recipient the choice of season to use their voucher, within the 2 year period.

Token vouchers can be used by the recipient towards any of the options.

Minimum age restrictions apply for each option. Minimum age on the farm: 7 years old.

Full Terms and Conditions’s can be viewed here.

If you can’t decide which Trek or Experience would be suitable as a gift for someone then you can purchase ‘Token Gift Vouchers’ instead of a specific Option. These then allow the receiver to put them towards an option of their choice!

Terms and Conditions apply to Token Gift Vouchers as they do to selected ‘Gift Vouchers’ please refer to them under our T&C section should you wish to. We recommend when purchasing for a child you consult the option we offer as they all have ‘age’ restrictions. The minimum age being 7 years old.


The Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) (England) Regulations 2018 – LICENCE TO KEEP OR TRAIN ANIMALS FOR EXHIBITION