Meet The Llamas

A little introduction to some of the characters in our herd.

The Boys!

Please note: When booking a trek, specific llamas may not be available to trek with due to them all being on a rota – the llamas and alpacas are all part of our family and are not machines. We also ensure you are ‘matched’ with the correct personality to suit both you and the llama, therefore can not guarantee your choice of llama, but we will make sure you have the right one for you! To trek with one of us, please Book a Trek.

Barney – Barmy Barney!

Bertie – The Sensitive Soul!

Billie – The Stress Head!

Bolero De Oro – The Italian Stallion!

Chester – An Absolute Star!

Dave – The Shy One!

Desmond – The Gentle Giant!

Diego – A True Gent!

Dobby – Bossy Boots!

Echo – The Ex Stud!

Ike – Drama Llama!

Jack – A real ‘Jack the Lad’!

Jamie – aka Jamie Oliver!

Kenwyn – The Chilled One!

Kevin – The Hypochondriac!

Lance – Mr Rogue!

Magic – The Small and Mighty One!

Merlin – The Overly Curious One!

Morgan – Our Poshest Llama!

Noodle – The Teenager!

Rupert – Mr Inquisitive!

Sid – The Cheeky Chap!

Theodore – Mr Switched On!

Tobie – The Confused One!

Woody – The Bully!

Yogi – Short of a few!

Zumba – The Cool Dude!

The Lady Llamas!

Please note: Our lady llamas are currently in training to create a female trekking team, therefore currently we cannot guarantee trekking with a female llama. You will be able to see them in the field doing all things lady llamas like to do!

Anya – The Affectionate One!

Floss – The Beautician!

Gemma – The Little Monkey!

Holly – The Tart!

Jenny – The Deep Thinker!

KitKat – Mrs Rogue!

Miracle – Little Miss Rogue!

Lilly – The Feisty One!

Lucy – The Maternal One!

Poppy – Little Miss Independent!

Rosebud – The Party Girl!