Corporate Treks and Team Building

Are you looking to improve working relationships, communication and customer service within your place of work?

No matter what your profession is, or the ages and abilities of your colleagues, we can offer something for everybody that’s totally unique.

The route to improving any service delivery or working environment is to have a happy efficient work force that communicates effectively. With the experiences we offer you can achieve this!

By engaging your work colleges / staff teams in our treks or experiences you can all relax and have huge amounts of fun, whilst improving your working relationships and communication.

It may sound odd, but these amazing creatures will pull your team together in style and they will be the talking point of you work place for many months after your experience.

We have a flair for building working relationships between colleagues, our approach is simple but works, have you ever speed dated a llama?

We are a professional team and work very well together with a high standard of Customer Service, this notably reflects back on your team and our corporate clients reflect on this.

We can adapt our experiences and treks to suit your requirements, time scales, budgets, ability and ages of your staff. If you check out our ‘book a trek’ page you will get a taste of what we offer. We can be flexible with all these options in line with your companies objectives.

Please contact us for more information, either by telephone or send an e-mail via our Contact us page.

We look forward to hearing from you and working with your company!

Suzanne Benson
Owner of Nidderdale Llamas