Events & Hire

If you want something a little different that will get all your customer’s talking and remembering your show, event or business, then consider llama hire as a PR tool!

We can transport our llamas just about anywhere, they love to travel and meet new people. Our animals are comfortable with entering buildings such as churches, hotels, shops, village halls. If you are wondering about their ‘toilet’ habits, then rest assured, they are very clean creatures and will only go on their toilet!

Peruvian themes can be arranged in full Peruvian dress, guaranteed to turn heads as being an un-familiar sight, people are en captured by our presence. The llamas enjoy attending parades and will even take part on stage – ‘oh yes the will’!

We can also arrange evening entertainment, providing llamas in Peruvian dress, back ground music from Peru and host a comical presentation on Camelids, their background, behaviour and uses. This is delivered by the llamas themselves looking as if they are talking through an onscreen visual presentation. We have received some fantastic feedback from events we have attended and it proves to be a very different form of entertainment.

We hold a ‘Performing Animals’ licence under the Performing Animals Regulations 1925. We fully Risk Assess every venue and have full Public Liability Insurance.

To book with us, we recommend you contact us in advance with your specific dates. We require a 50% deposit to secure any booking. Once a reservation is made, you will receive full confirmation with the details of your event and directions if appropriate on how to find us.