Llama Husbandry Training

Over the last 2 decades, we have gained a lot of knowledge and experience with llamas and alpacas and we offer half day and full day training courses to share our wealth of knowledge with new and existing owners. We can assist you in making your decision as to what type of camelid would best suit you, your requirements and facilities.

Camelid husbandry is not difficult, although it is more specialised than general farm stock or horses. It is always good practise to be able to understand the differences in management in order to ensure welfare of the animals and land management.

All our sessions include basic welfare of llamas and alpacas, including their needs and requirements throughout the different seasons of the year including health management techniques and advice on ‘common’ health ailments. We demonstrate handling of llamas and alpacas, including herding, haltering, leading, trek and pack training, with the opportunity to put these into practise with hands on experience.

There are many similarities in the husbandry of llamas and alpacas but there are also a wide range of differences in their handling and behaviour which is useful to have a good knowledge of. We will assist with the understanding of these differences and they can then be seen in practise. Each training session is tailored to your individual needs, whether your wish is for pets, trekking, therapy etc. Our sessions are also ideal for those that have alpacas and are wanting to enter into the world of llamas, or vice versa. But be warned… llamas and alpacas are addictive!

To book with us, we recommend you contact us in advance with your requirements from the session and to discuss available dates. We require a 50% deposit to secure any booking. Once a reservation is made, you will receive full confirmation with the details of your event and directions if appropriate on how to find us. Please refer to out Terms & Conditions before making a booking.

Half Day sessions include hot drinks and biscuits.

Full Days include a buffet lunch and a short trek out.