Private Teen and Adult Parties (12+ Years)

It’s a very ‘cool’ way to spend a birthday with family and friends!

21st partyAll our llamas and alpacas have very different and individual personalities, so after a short interactive introduction, you are matched to the right llama or alpaca to suit you – we call it llama speed dating!! Llamas and alpacas suit everyone, from people who are not familiar with animals to those who love them, you can choose to share llamas or alpacas between you or have one each.

Our llamas and alpacas are full of character and will definitely relax and entertain the whole family or friendship group whilst taking you out to enjoy some of the beautiful views of Nidderdale. Providing you with great personal memories of your celebration!

Llama and alpaca parties can be adapted to suit ages from 12 to 112!! Anniversary, birthdays, Christmas, or any occasion for a family gathering, you name it any celebration! Each party is tailored to your individual wishes to help you celebrate and remember the event!

Teenage and adult party sessions range from approx 2hrs 45 mins to 5.5 hours, inclusive of refreshments or food depending on your parties requirements. Prices start from £49 per head for a private party (minimum numbers required – as per pdf). 

Contact us to arrange a booking or for more information.

Image0548To book with us, we recommend you contact us in advance with your specific dates. We require a 50% deposit to secure any booking. Once a reservation is made, you will receive full confirmation with the details of your event and directions if appropriate on how to find us. For party and group deposits, we can be flexible and suggest that you pay a deposit on the minimum number of expected people, and then agree final numbers nearer to the time of your booking.



Llama Birthday Cakes!