The Little Sweet One!

Xavier is a tampuli llama, which means he’s super fluffy and looks like he’s wearing fluffy trousers down his back legs! Xavier is a confident chap and nothing much phases him out on treks. He is a sensible gentle soul who enjoys the company of his human companion. Xavier bonds closely to his human, but he will only let his one human stroke him, he is not all about letting everyone stroke him, but when he bonds nicely with someone, he becomes cuddly and affection to his one human. Within the herd, you will often find Xavier encouraging the other boys to play fight, he loves a good game of chase! But when he is calm and chilled out, he loves nothing more than a grazing patch with his best mate Trevor!

Xavier’s ideal trekking companion is who will take the time to bond with him, and give him their undivided attention!


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