Bird Nest Feeder Square


New product for 2020!

Bird Nesting Material in square feeder.

Includes free P&P!

100% Organic Llama Fibre – Strong, Warm and Cosy.
Natural and Untreated Fibre.
Repels water and dries quickly.
Easy for birds to take, transport and build their nest!

100% Environmentally friendly!

Just hang it up, the birds will love you for making their nesting time easier, quicker and cosier!

This square feeder contains more than enough for 1-2 fillings. The birds prefer it lightly packed, so use the provided fleece for 1 to 2 sittings.

Before Use: Take half the fibre out the feeding, and save for later and then loosen and fluff up the remaining fibre.

Plastic green feeder is resuable, and refills available from Nidderdale Llamas.


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