Bolero De Oro


The Italian Stallion!

Bolere De Oro is known as Bolly around here! He is a big sturdy boy, with an impressive thick, long and curly coat! Bolly was born in Italy, and was imported as a stud male in Devon and has produced many pretty babies in his time. However he has had a change in career and has now become a trekker! He is a very chilled and laid back boy when it comes to trekking, nothing phases him, but he’s a alert and he doesn’t miss a thing. Bolly can be quite a chatterbox, and trekking people who will have a good natter with him!

When trekking, Bolly loves everyone, he’s a confident chap who likes to help everyone feel confident around llamas and alpacas, whether they are 7 years old or 107 years old!


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