Little Ant


What a sweet little guy Ant is. Very confident now he’s grown up a little and not much phases him. He loves to still follow Dec about the field but also tries to team up a little more with the older llamas. He has a very sensible head and just likes to please everyone and enjoys cuddles, although can have a little cheeky side to him! Ant will always be a small alpaca, he struggles to get fat, no matter how much he eats! We always keep a close eye on him and he is a healthy little chap, just a little small, but he can’t help that, it’s just the way he’s made!

Little Ant’s perfect kind of person is someone who loves cuddles, and will give him lots of attention, if he’s not getting enough, he might nibble or tug on your sleeve to ask for more attention, after all, he is very small and its the best way to get your attention! Little Ant is happy to walk with people from 7+ years old, as long as they can cope with his cheeky antics.


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