Little Miss Rogue!

Miracle is the daughter of KitKat and Lance, she was born in 2017, and she is one of the naughtiest little llamas we have ever had. She keeps us on our toes with her naughty antics. Miracle is a very confident little girl and nothing much knocks her confidence at all. Hopefully one day she will join our trekking team when she is a little older, but for now she is busy creating mayhem in the fields!

Miracle came to us in 2018, and from the start showed us that she may only be small but she is full of mischief! Miracle is part of our female trekking team and is actually remarkable well behaved whilst out on treks, she is greedy but only at the eating spots more than trying to pinch vegetation the whole way. She is a confident girl and not much phases her, she will happily lead the trek out or go in the middle, she is just happy to be part of the trekking team! Within the herd, she follows in the rest of her family’s footpaths and is incredibly bossy – she knows what she wants and she’ll get her own way!

Miracle’s ideal trekking companions are mature teenagers and adults who are confident for her little cheeky behaviour, but will enjoy giving her attention too!


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