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Thoughtful Tony!

Tony was part of a rescue herd in January 2019, he came to us as part of a herd of 7, he came to us at roughly 6 months old, with his mum Phoebe, dad Olly, and older siblings Lloyd and Polly. Tony is now maturing into a very sweet young man, he is quietly confident and at times on treks he can look to you to reassure him, but other times he can confidently lead out the trek. Within the herd he is a quite chap who doesn’t make a scene, he likes to be with the others and blend is as part of the herd. Tony bonds closely to his human handler on treks, and can become quite the greedy chap once he is comfortable. Tony is a smart chap, and you can tell he’s always thinking, he is often in his own little world with his own thoughts.

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