Rufus is a different type of alpaca to the rest of our boys, he is known as a Suri Alpaca. He has a little bit of a crazy look, his hair grows in long dreadlocks style ringlets! He is quite new to us, and when he arrived here he was completely wild! However with a little bit of time and patience, and reassurance from the rest of our boys, he is settling in great! He loves to do meet and greet, and he has just started to do a little bit of training towards his trekking career, which he is really enjoying, so hopefully he will make a great new addition to our trekking herd!

Rufus is quite a crazy character, he likes to keep up on our toes! He is quite a feisty guy, with a strong attitude – he knows how to stand his ground with the other boys! He loves to investigate everything that’s going on in the field! He is slowly becoming quite an affection boy when it comes to meet and greet, however some days, the crazy side of him comes out and he likes to little jumps around the place!