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Speed Dating

Just like humans’ llamas and alpacas all have individual personalities, likes and dislikes. As the welfare of our llamas and alpacas is our priority it is vital, we match you to the right one for you, so they are relaxed and as happy as they can be with their new human friend. It also enables us to ensure that you have the best experience from your time with us as that is also a huge priority for us!

Some of our animals prefer to walk with ladies, some with men, some happy with both. Some prefer taller people whereas others are happier with their human being smaller. We have specific llamas who are relaxed with children, hence we always ask for ages of children. We have llamas who prefer softer voices, others a stronger voice, some like a more confident human, whereas we have a selection who will nurture and build the confidence of a nervous human and so on. They are all so different! Also, we know where in the trek line our llamas and alpacas like to be, some love to lead the trek and be at the front, others enjoy being the rear marker, whereas others prefer the middle or like to lead the start and regress to the back, they all have their positions, so we have to take this into account when matching everyone, especially couples and family/friends so you all stay together for the trek.

The team here know every single animal on the farm inside out so, however, we don’t know you very well!  In order to achieve the perfect match, we deliver the introduction in a specific way, in order to get to know everyone’s vibes, tone of voice, and confidence level, it can even be down to what you are wearing as to why we match you to a certain animal. We do our best to achieve the correct match, to ensure you have the best from your experience with us. Once out on the trek, it does then become apparent to everyone why we go through this process as the animals’ personalities start to shine!

After being ‘speed dated’ our team will tell you all about the personality of the llama or alpaca you are matched to, all we ask is please don’t be insulted its not that we think you are like that animal, it may be because you are the opposite! 

If you want to check out more about our welfare and how we assess the happiness of all our llamas and alpacas, please click here to visit our welfare page









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