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It is important here at Nidderdale Llamas that your experience with us is as safe and pleasurable as we can possibly make it. Agreeing to the following terms and conditions helps us to ensure this. If you have any questions regarding anything within these terms and conditions, we would be very happy to discuss them with you prior to your booking.

We have ‘COVID-19’ Operating Procedures, which can be found here.

You may also find our F.A.Q (link) useful to read as they offer more information on clothing and footwear etc.

By booking a trek or experience you are agreeing to these

Terms & Conditions

When booking on behalf of a group or for a party session, the individual making the booking and paying the deposit will have the overall responsibility for everybody within their group agreeing to these Terms & Conditions. 

Deposits and Payments

To secure a booking we ask for a 50% deposit. We will accept full advance payment should you prefer not to have to deal with it on the day. All deposits are non-refundable or transferable to another date. You are securing your places on the date and time you have booked on.

Once you have paid your 50% deposit, we will require the remaining balance to be paid on arrival at the farm. You can pay the balance by card (we take all cards but not AMEX). We also accept cash, but no longer accept cheques.

If you have chosen to pay in full for your trek before your booking date, then the refund conditions (below) relate to 50% of your booking fee, ie you will receive 50% refund regardless of when you actual cancel and for the remaining 50% (ie, your deposit element), the terms below apply.

Cancellations and Refunds

If you cancel your booking at any time you will not receive a refund under any circumstances. We can not transfer your deposit to an alternative date as by paying a deposit you have secured that date on time on the option you have chosen, therefore preventing others from taking those places. 

If you have chosen to purchase your trek in full before your booking date, you will receive 50% refund regardless of when you actual cancel and for the remaining 50% the above terms apply. 

If Nidderdale Llamas cancel your booking, i.e. if we deem the weather to be un-suitable or conditions too dangerous to trek, we will offer you an alternative date or a credit note for your deposit.  In some circumstances we may give you a full refund of your deposit.   This is the discretion of Nidderdale Llamas Management.

Health & Safety

All treks and experiences are considered by us to be very safe, providing you & everybody included in your party follow our advice, guidance and instruction at all times, however all activities are undertaken at your own risk.

The trek options require a moderate level of physical capability for you to be able to participate fully. We must be made aware of any medical condition or physical impairment which may affect your ability to participate. This includes; visual or hearing impairments and pregnancy. If you are unsure of your ability to participate fully or unsure of which option to choose, please discuss this with us, at the time of booking.

Participants of treks and experiences must be willing to listen and take instruction prior to handling the animals and during the treks and experiences. If you are unable or unwilling to do so, you will not be covered by our insurance policy and therefore will not be allowed to handle the animals. A refund will not be available in these circumstances.

All llama treks and experience options are outdoor activities and involve the handling of animals. We ask that you dress appropriately, taking the weather and nature of the activity into consideration. If a participant arrives with inappropriate clothing or footwear for the activity they have booked, we reserve the right not to allow them to handle the animals or trek for reasons of safety.  A refund will not be available in these circumstances.  

Age Restrictions /Bookings for Children

Each option has an age restriction, for Health & Safety purposes. Children must have reached the minimum age for the option they are booked on for, on the day they participate. The Junior Experience minimum age is 7yrs, The Adult and Teen Experience minimum age is 13yrs, the Scenic Farm Trek is 10yrs and for the Half and Full Day Treks the minimum age is 14yrs. By paying your deposit and engaging on your experience or trek, you are agreeing that any children booked on, on the day of your booking have reached the respective age and the relevant birth date for the option you have booked.

We cannot accept any children on the farm under 7yrs of age, this includes babies. If you have younger children and/or babies travelling with you that are with an adult chauffeur they must remain in the vehicle and will not be admitted on the farm. We can advise you on the local area of where you can drive to and enjoy facilities for younger children around the area.

We cannot take children under 16 years old on any option without and an accompanying, paying adult. As everybody on the trek is able to benefit from and enjoy the experience and is also able to learn about the animals, therefore either a spectator place or a place with a llama, must also be purchased for accompanying adults.

Nidderdale Llamas reserve the right to decline a booking request, in the interest of safety or participant suitability, even if this becomes apparent on the day of the booking or immediately prior to a trek setting off. A refund will not be available in these circumstances.

Should you have anybody with you on the day who is not booked in on your experience or trek, such as family members accompanying your day out or chauffeurs, please note the following;

Experience options – Everybody is part of the experience even if they do not wish to walk a llama, just like at a theme park where everybody pays for entry, as everybody benefits and gains from the experience, therefore everybody who enters the farm and wishes to meet the llamas must be booked in prior to your arrival.   

Trek Options – There is an introduction to llamas and alpacas before your trek of approx 45 mins to an hour, we do not leave straight away with the llamas. If you do have someone accompanying you, yet they do not wish to trek or perhaps are not able to trek, then they are welcome to join you for the introduction and meet the llamas plus they can re-join you after your trek for refreshments, however there is a charge for this. The charge varies dependant on which trek you have booked, please ask when you book and let us know if you need to book places for this, as we can then ensure we cater accordingly. If they do not wish to join you, they must remain in the vehicle or drop you off and leave the farm, returning at the time your session is due to end.

Accompanying children traveling with an adult chauffeur  – We cannot accept any children on the farm under 7yrs of age, this includes babies. If you have younger children and/or babies travelling with you that are with an adult chauffeur they must remain in the vehicle and will not be admitted on the farm. We can advise on the local area of where you can drive to an enjoy facilities for younger children around the area.

Please note we are also a working cattle & sheep farm and cannot allow unauthorised persons to wonder around. We also secure the farm when leaving with the llamas on the treks, therefore we ask that all chauffeurs drive off the farm into the local area and return at the time the session is due to end. We can advise about facilities in the local area, so please ask when booking.

In summary

There are no deviations to the above Terms & Condition, we try to accommodate people and be as flexible as possible, but please appreciate we have to set the above terms as otherwise we run the risk of losing other business. Our llamas are keen to trek, like to be busy but cost us to keep! We also have Health & Safety procedures to follow in order to make everybody’s experience with us pleasurable and safe.

Gift, Token & Prize Voucher Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to all gift, token and prize vouchers.

All experiences and treks, using vouchers as payment, must be booked in advance, please refer to the booking information as to when specific experiences and treks run. Our general terms & conditions for participating, still apply to everyone who books with a voucher. If you have a voucher and are unsure of your suitability to take part in the option the voucher covers, please contact us prior to booking and we can discuss this with you. For cancellations on vouchers please refer below.

All vouchers are valid for a specific period which is stated on the voucher itself.  Treks and experiences must be booked and completed before the expiry date. This is also the case for token vouchers, where you can choose the trek or experience of your choice, however the option must be booked and completed before the expiry date of the voucher.

Vouchers cannot be extended within the last month of validity under any circumstances. However, vouchers can be extended before the last month for an additional fee. These are as follows:

  • 3 months – 25% of voucher value.
  • 6 months – 50% of voucher value.
  • 12 months – 100% of voucher value.

Vouchers are allocated by a code to the purchaser and the code is requested upon on booking. Should the voucher holder not be able to redeem the voucher within the validity period they may pass the voucher to a family member or friend to book and use before the voucher expires. 

All vouchers must be presented to Nidderdale Llamas on arrival on the day of the trek or experience for the holder to take part. 

Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash or credit.

Nidderdale Llamas will not be held responsible for any lost or defaced vouchers

Vouchers can be upgraded if desired, in advance of the booking, with the additional fee paid in advance. Vouchers can also be downgraded should the holder wish to engage in an experience or trek worth less than the value, however no credit or cash refund will be given.

Booking – All treks & experiences are subject to availability. Please book as early as possible to avoid disappointment. We suggest for peak times such as weekends or holiday periods that you book at least 2 months in advance. We recommend when booking you consider a selection of dates as experiences and treks only run on minimum number of llamas booked on, therefore we cannot guarantee a specific date will be available for a specific experience or trek.  (please refer to the booking information sheet).

Obtaining a date before the expiry date is the responsibility of the voucher holder, no responsibility is held by Nidderdale Llamas if there is no availability for the particular experience or trek either on weekdays or weekends 2 months prior to the expiry date of the voucher and no extensions or refunds will be given. Please consult the booking information we have provided regards the Experience and Trek Options and when they run. We do allow a full 24 months if you have a voucher for a specific Experience or Trek and we operate all year round, therefore it is the responsibility of the voucher holder to organise a booking within that period & attend within that period. Please book early to avoid losing out!

We will request the Voucher code to be provided on booking. We will only forward full confirmation on receipt of the voucher code. Once a booking is made confirmation will be sent by e-mail to the person who made the booking. Bookings are not confirmed until you receive confirmation in writing from us. In some cases, we may ask you to return the original voucher to us before we can confirm your booking. You should not make any arrangements in connection with the booking until you have received your full booking confirmation.

Upon booking using a voucher and receiving confirmation, the vouchers are securing that date and time for that booking. Dates cannot be transferred once you have received confirmation from us for that booking regardless of the time the voucher has left before it expires. Please ensure when making a booking that the date you book is the date you definitely can make!

Booking with Vouchers where Children are in your party

All Treks and Experiences are subject to an age restriction. We cannot allow a voucher to be used by a child under the age limit for that particular trek or experience, nor allow a child to take part within a booking where that party has booked using a voucher, if they are under the specified age restriction and have not reached the birthdate for that option on the day of the booking.  No babies or children under 7yrs of age are permitted on the farm. By booking your trek or experience you are agreeing that any child accompanying you has reached the specified age for that option on the day they participate.

We cannot take children under 16 years old trekking without an accompanying, paying adult. As everybody on the trek is able to enjoy the experience and learn all about the animals, either a spectator place or place with a llama, must also be purchased.

In respect of the any voucher where numbers of permitted participants are stated, should less people attend the booking than stated on the voucher, no credit or refund will be given.

Cancellations when Booking with a Voucher

In the event you need to cancel your booking, at any point after the booking is made regardless of the timescale. 50% of the voucher value will be deemed spent, as this would be the value of a non-refundable deposit when making a booking. When rearranging your booking, you will be required to pay the 50% of the value of your voucher upfront.

Should Nidderdale Llamas cancel a booking made using a voucher, another date will be arranged and confirmed in writing. No refunds of vouchers will be given, but we may offer an extension of the validity of the voucher if we have had to cancel your booking and we cannot re-book you on a date prior to the expiry of that voucher.

If you do not attend your booking…

If you do not attend your booking without making contact, and your experience/trek is paid in full, either by payment or voucher, there will be no refund, and all vouchers will be deemed spent.

We want our customers to be able to take full advantage of our vouchers & their full value. However please understand that we are running a business and have to manage our bookings diary efficiently in order to maximise availability for all our customers.

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