Visual Experiences/Treks

Visual Experiences from the comfort of your own home or workplace.

No probllama! We will alpac-a our llamas and alpacas to your phone, tablet or laptop, so you stay safe!

You have the choice to send a percentage of your fee to MIND-UK (COVID-19), from 100% to 25%, whilst also a chance to support the welfare of our llamas and alpacas (no obligation)!

Nidderdale Llamas support the UK’s vitally important Mental Health Services and recognises the enormous necessity for access to these services, from NHS and Key worker staff struggling during these times, those bereaved and those suffering with isolation, young or elderly.. These services of course will be invaluable during the aftermath of COVID-19.

Llamas and alpacas have a therapeutic nature. Just spending a short time of engagement with these calm friendly creatures can contribute towards improved mental health. The llamas and alpaca’s mental health is also affected, as since closing our doors, they are out of routine. So, what better way to tackle human and the animal’s mental health than to offer these options!   

You can book a visual experience by choosing the option below and completing a short form, we will do the rest! Please note booking slots are subject to availability. A Zoom account will be required for you to participate, it’s free and we can chat you through this.

Key Worker Visual

10 minutes down time to smile and relax!



Corporate Llama & Alpaca on the agenda!

Our llamas and alpacas will brighten up any meeting!


Happy Birthday Visual!

Meet a llama and an alpaca to wish somebody ‘Happy Birthday’


Family Fun / Educational Experience

Meet some of our llama and alpaca team.


Therapeutic Llama and Alpaca Trek

Take a trek out with our llamas and alpacas without leaving your home!

£45 – 40 minutes


For more Information & to Book…

In order to book one of our llama and alpaca treks or experiences, or for more information on any of our packages, simply give us a call on 01423 711052.

We accept all major credit / debit cards over the telephone, and booking must be made prior to visiting us.

We look forward to seeing you…