Harry & Chester were yet again the center of attention, but this time right in the middle of Leeds City centre on a very busy Saturday afternoon! We were hired to attend a wedding as a complete surprise for the ‘llama obsessed’ bride. After locating a suitable parking space for a llama taxi, (well Harry was up for catching the no.36 bus to Leeds, but we had to decline as Chester didn’t approve)! folk crowded us, not believing there were actual llamas in the van! Once Harry & Chester exited their taxi on to the streets, folk rushed in to pose next to them for photos, llamas in the centre of Leeds! Harry & Chester dressed up for the occasion, with bow tie and veil, they looked amazing. They strolled around to the Town Hall, as if it was just another day at the office. People were so excited to see them, the public photographing them at every opportunity. The bride and groom appeared from the Town Hall and the bride was swept off her feet by the sight of Harry & Chester specially dressed for her big day! The photographs commenced with the wedding party and both llamas behaved brilliantly. Well done Harry & Chester! Pictures to follow so watch this space!